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Why use Statewide Trades for your Craigmore ceiling repairs?

We offer expertise in ceiling repairs and installation, led by our professional tradesmen with over 15 years of experience.

The presence of a delicate ceiling can pose significant risks, particularly in households with children. If you've observed damp spots on your ceilings that are beginning to droop, you likely find them unsightly and worrying. STS Craigmore Repairs been to countless homes in Adelaide, addressing and remedying ceiling damage issues.

Every project we undertake is managed and completed by a licensed builder who will serve as your primary point of contact throughout the entire process. This ensures a seamless experience, from initial consultation to project completion, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in our services.

Types of Ceiling Issues?

Cracks: Cracks can appear due to settling of the building, temperature changes, or structural issues. They are often cosmetic but can indicate underlying problems.

Water Damage: Water leaks from roof problems, plumbing issues, or flooding can cause stains, discoloration, and weakening of the ceiling material.

Sagging or Drooping: Ceilings may sag or droop due to water damage, heavy insulation, or inadequate support.

Peeling Paint or Texture: Peeling paint or texture can be a result of moisture, poor adhesion, or age. It can make the ceiling look unsightly.

Mold and Mildew: Excess moisture or water damage can lead to the growth of mold and mildew on the ceiling, which can be harmful to health.

Popcorn Ceiling Issues: Popcorn ceilings, popular in older homes, can deteriorate over time, leading to a messy appearance.

Ceiling Cracking and Flaking: Some ceiling materials, like plaster, may crack or flake over time due to age and wear.

Ceiling Insulation Problems: Improperly installed or damaged insulation can lead to temperature and moisture issues, affecting the comfort of the space.

Ceiling Fan or Light Fixture Damage: Installing heavy fixtures or ceiling fans incorrectly can cause damage to the ceiling material and pose safety risks.

Structural Damage: In extreme cases, structural problems in a building can affect the ceiling's stability and integrity.

Ceiling Repairs Craigmore Services include:

Ceiling Patching: Repairing small holes, cracks, or damage to the ceiling's surface, often involving plaster or drywall patching and refinishing.

Water Damage Restoration: Repairing and restoring ceilings that have been damaged by water leaks, floods, or roof problems. This may involve replacing damaged materials and addressing mold or mildew issues.

Texture Matching: Blending or recreating the texture on a ceiling's surface to match the existing texture, especially in cases where repairs or patches have been made.

Sagging or Drooping Ceiling Repair: Fixing ceilings that have started to sag or droop, which can involve reinforcing or replacing support structures and reattaching ceiling materials.

Stain Removal: Removing stains and discoloration on the ceiling caused by water damage, smoke, or other factors.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal: Removing or covering outdated popcorn or textured ceilings and refinishing them with a smoother texture or a different finish.

Ceiling Insulation Repair: Addressing issues with insulation in the ceiling, such as replacing damaged insulation or improving insulation for energy efficiency.

Ceiling Fan and Light Fixture Installation or Repair: Installing, replacing, or repairing ceiling fans, light fixtures, and other fixtures that may be attached to the ceiling.

Structural Repairs: Addressing structural issues in the ceiling, which may involve fixing load-bearing components to ensure the ceiling's stability and safety.

Ceiling Painting: Repainting the ceiling to refresh its appearance or cover up previous repairs, stains, or imperfections.

Fire Damage Restoration: Repairing ceilings that have been damaged by fire, which may involve replacing damaged materials and ensuring the structural integrity of the ceiling.

Soundproofing: Adding soundproofing materials or techniques to the ceiling to reduce noise transmission between floors or rooms.

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Statewide Trades Services have over 15 years experience in repairing and installing ceilings. Give us a call on 0438 692 950 today for an obligation-free quote!

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